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What is CM Creator?

CM Creator is a tool to creating your own private blogs network. It allows you to fast, easy and cheap building dedicated, mono/multi topical websites supported your SEO.

For who is CM Creator? Tool for linkbuilding is for:

  • SEO Agencies - wanting to link their clients
  • SEO Freelancers - care about uniq and topical links
  • Companies creating PBNs - building on order
  • E-commerce shops - extending their link building by topical assets
  • Each website - aimed at strengthening its position in search engines (not only in Google!)

A few reasons why you should choose CM Creator

You save on...

  • hosting (it's built-in)!
  • additional IPs (they're already there)!
  • private blogs monitoring (we do it ourselves)!
  • working time, because you don't have to install any updates!
  • buying templates (they are built-in)!

You do not have to...

  • securing your data (we take care of that)!
  • do backup (it creates itself)!
  • know HTML, PHP or any code - our easy to use dashboard panel makes it simple


What makes CM Creator different Compare CM Creator to traditional PBN


CM Creator

Ordering articles directly in CM Creator

Diversified IP addresses

Indexing tier 1 links

Keep control of your link profile

Built-in hosting included

No transfer limit

No file transfers and FTP needed

Multiple templates to suit many niches

With CM Creator You don't need:

  • search for copywriters and manage orders
  • worry about articles on unsecured websites
  • pay for hosting anymore - it is all included
  • check your link profile on other sites like Ahrefs or Majestic

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If your linking is ...

... too expensive?

... too time consuming?

.... not very effective?

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